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BB8 Toggle Switch Animation using CSS


BB8 Toggle Switch Animation using CSS

BB8 Toggle Switch Animation using CSS is inspired from movie web design where I have taken Star wars movie character BB8 as my Toggle Switch Button, when you click on button BB8 Will animate from Left to right inside toggle switch in both backward animation and forward animation.

Here in this article, we will look at a CSS Toggle Switch example using BB8 Droid from movie Star wars. We will create it using only CSS code to archives toggle switch by adding hidden checkbox functionality.

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This toggle Animation is created with only using CSS with the help of HTML structure. As you know HTML structure is just like Skelton without cloth and makeup, CSS makes it complete by beautifying it.

I do love Watching movies, especially Hollywood Movies and one of my favorite movie series in star wars so that here I have selected BB8 from star wars character.

You may have seen many kind of toggle Animation or toggle switch button but it is unique in its kind as I am representing.

Here I have selected a hidden checkbox along with label, on its selection both background and BB8 will animate.

In this example what we need just check/uncheck the hidden checkbox by clicking on the label setup by fetching these value we can apply different CSS attributes on elements to show toggle switch or background color change.

Let’s understand it in brief by coding:

HTML Structure:


CSS Style sheet:


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