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Responsive Content Block with Hover Effect

Responsive Content block

Responsive Content Block with Hover Effect

Here I am sharing a responsive content block with several effects on it. In this post you will see on hover content block and icon will be zoom in, it can be a good option for your next design project to implement it with.

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Coming to the article again, here you will find three things:

1: Responsive Content block or responsive grid.

2: Scalable Svg Icons On hover.

2: Background color Animation on hover.

Along with this you will also learn how to use psuedo elemetns to make Arrow and provide different color (i have provide Quality Material Color to each Content Block) to each content block background.

You can use these content block with your website to make it more effective and beautiful. you can place your service with these responsive grid to provide a quick view of your service that you provide along with relative icons, can be find easily from flaticons or iconfinder.

Now i will let you know how to integrate this Responsive Content Block with Your website  with your website:

LETS start coding:

HTML Structure:

CSS Stylesheet:


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